911 Buddy's Available - Help Us, Help YOU!
By Chambers Hill Fire Company
January 1, 2018

For emergency responders, time is of the essence. That is why it is so important not to lose those valuable minutes searching for an address. Whether it is a factor of darkness, bad weather, or poorly marked street numbers, missing an address on the first pass can have devastating results. That is why the Chambers Hill Fire Company has partnered up with Buddy Byrne and his innovative new product called the "911 Buddy".

The unit is equipped with powerful LED bulbs which emit flashing red lights that can be spotted by emergency responders at great distances. The device can be easily affixed to windows or doors and is activated by the simple pull of a lanyard. They operate off of one 9-volt battery and the units sell for $ 15.00 each.

Not only are they a great way to help locate an address, but they can be used to help locate lost hikers, boaters in distress, victims of roadside breakdowns or accidents, children hurt on sports fields, or even workers injured on a large work site.

The 911 Buddy's are available by contacting the station at (717) 564-8839.

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